Sarah A Chrisman

Sarah A. Chrisman - Young Adult Fiction, Victorian Attire
If you happen to run into an elegant young woman in Winslow, dressed in authentic Victorian clothing, you will have met writer, fashion historian and hat-maker Sarah Chrisman. Living a 19th century lifestyle by choice, Chrisman's decision not to drive a car is the basis for her two novels for young readers. A Dream On Two Wheels takes place in a world where bicycles are the primary mode of transportation. Bicycle-riding doctors are the heroes of society and respond to medical emergencies with skill and integrity. But what happens when that integrity is called into question? Chrisman's second book Tides of the Island Mountain features historian Emma Stein who works at the Louvre as Germany invades France. Most recently, Chrisman has written Waisted Curves: My Transformation Into A Victorian Lady (2010). The book tells of her decision to wear a Victorian-style corset on a daily basis, the physiological changes involved, and the reactions of society to her choice. As such, the work provides a unique view into a very intimate element of the lives of Victorian women, as well as insight into how contemporary people view women of the past. For more information on Chrisman and all of her books go to