Stairway Window Wall Repair

Window Wall repairIn 2018 during the complete exterior repainting of the library building, the painters found that the east-facing stairway window wall had damage from water penetration.  The stairway is the connection between the main adult library and the children's library downstairs.  When the last major expansion of the library occurred in 1996, the design of the roof was such that when there was heavy rain, the roof drained a sheet of water that impinged on the window wall.  There was no overhang of that section of the roof to prevent water cascading down the windows and ultimately penetrating into the wood wall framing.

As a result of finding there was a problem, Reijnen Company was contracted to remove the very large and heavy windows, repair and replace any damaged wall wood framing, and finally to reinstall and reseal the windows and the external woodwork.  Most importantly, the roof line was extended over the window wall such that there is now an overhang that will prevent cascading of water down from the roof onto the window wall.

Window Wall repair