Suzanne Macpherson

Suzanne Macpherson - Romance
Suzanne Macpherson says she started writing while attending third grade at Wilkes Elementary. Thankfully she has continued ever since, drawing inspiration for her humorous romances from old movies, jazz, and real life. Her books enjoy such wide appeal that they are even available as Kindle editions. Some of Macpherson's romances are Risky Business (2002), Talk of the Town (2003), In the Mood (2004), She Woke Up Married (2005), Switched, Bothered, and Bewildered (2005), and Hysterical Blondeness (2006). Macpherson says reading Natalia Ilyin's book about America's fascination with being blonde added a special touch to her own writings on this topic. Macpherson's latest book The Forever Summer (2007) takes place in Port Gamble. 'Romance Reviews Today' says of The Forever Summer "...a wonderful story that deserves a Perfect 10"! Macpherson still resides on Bainbridge Island where she is living out her "Doris Day fantasies with the husband, dogs, kids, and well, daisies." For more information on this author go to