Venera Di Bella Barles

Venera Di Bella Barles - Memoir, Mystery
Venera Di Bella Barles' 2002 memoir Marriage, Kidneys, and Other Dark Organs decribes the author's experience growing up in an Italian immigrant family in upstate New York. An Amazon reader says about the book: "Between tears, I laughed my kishkas out. There are powerful emotional strains in these memoirs that anyone, regardless of background, can relate to...". In 2005 Di Bella Barles published her first mystery They Was Holdin' Hands. Midwest Book Review describes the work as "...a novel that will please those readers of mystery who look beyond the usual commercial literature. The two interwoven storylines are deftly crafted and the dialogue sparkles with authenticity. The author has a flair for characterization. In sum, this is an excellently written novel and one I'm very pleased to have read." Di Bella Barles recently won a first place award for her short story Vivaldi and the Seasonings. The Bainbridge author is also active in the local writing community. You can find out more about Di Bella Barles at: