Gary Loverich

Gary Loverich - Local Interest
Local historian Gary Loverich, together with Barbara Winther, is the author of Let It Go, Louie (2009). The book covers the history of the Croatian fishing community on Bainbridge Island - a story close to Gary Loverich's heart since he is the descendant of Croatian fishermen and works in commercial fishing himself. Loverich says of his start in the fishing industry in the early 1950s: "As soon as I was done with high school it seemed natural to join a crew... I had always heard the old-timers tell stories of how the fishing season went up in Alaska or the San Juans. It was a real adventure. It was something that captures a person's imagination." The book he and Winther wrote captures a reader's imagination in the same fashion. It also represents an important strand in the multi-colored fabric of Bainbridge Island's history.